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Special school placement, boarding schools, private schools, residential treatment, drug and alcohol abusetroubled teens, learning disabilities, special education, wilderness therapy Welcome to Educational Options
“Options for students with special needs”

We are an independent educational consulting firm helping families find the school or program that will maximize their child’s potential.

At Educational Options our goal is to match your child to the most appropriate school or program for his or her individual needs.

Our specialty is working with students who may be experiencing:

  • Emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges
  • Failing grades
  • Drug and alcohol abuse or dependency
  • ADD/ADHD or related issues
  • Oppositional or At-Risk behavior
  • Eating Disorders or
  • Learning Differences.

Susan L. Trueblood, M.Ed, president of Educational Options, will be your child’s advocate throughout the process. You are not alone.

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